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Gappos Legacy Cómic

Episode 1 – CORNELIA

The first comic book issue of Gappo’s Legacy is titled Cornelia and is currently in production under Moviement Films commandment. Demian Sabini is in charge of script development, art is crafted by Guillem Escriche, and balloons and typography are done by Joaquim Verdú. Publishing and editorial are yet to be defined, though a bundle sale along with the VR game isn’t discarded either. It’ll be notified when there’s news in the matter. For more information about the Gappo’s Legacy comic book, please contact or subscribe to our newsletter.


After a brief summary of the history of Kafke and how the makinæ came to be, which will help understand the origins of this complex future time, the first comic book issue will answer three main questions: who Cornelia is, what she does, and where she is. More details from the past and future of the former MRA Sub-Commander will reveal in following episodes of this first volume, which will end right where the TV show takes off. Further on, more comic book volumes will follow covering other TV fiction characters’ background stories.


Here are the first pages of issue one, Cornelia. For now the design of the protagonist makina will not be revealed, further on… maybe. Or perhaps you’ll just have to wait till the issue is out.