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Gappo’s Legacy is a science fiction project in development to be distributed in television, comic, and VR game. Its universe revolves around the television show, of which the comic is a prequel and the VR game a first-person experience.

The characters and story are set in a future time two centuries ahead and in a strip of desert land known as Kafke. There, intelligent conscious machines, known as makinæ, have been repudiated and condemned by humanity to coexist with technological pirates who enslave and smuggle them.

Gappo’s Legacy VR

Odysseus was born as a start up virtual reality company to create the game Gappo’s Legacy VR, a shooter-punch with heavy action, high quality graphics and entertaining mechanics where the player must shoot, hit, throw, dodge, and cover with good aim and reflexes to obtain the highest score.

The game is in financing and development stage for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR platforms.

Gappo’s Legacy Comic

The first comic book issue of Gappo’s Legacy is titled Cornelia and is currently in production under Moviement Films commandment. Demian Sabini is in charge of script development, art is crafted by Guillem Escriche, and balloons and typography are done by Joaquim Verdú. Publishing and editorial are yet to be defined, though a bundle sale along with the VR game isn’t discarded either. It’ll be notified when there’s news in the matter. For more information about the Gappo’s Legacy comic book, please contact or subscribe to our newsletter.

Gappo’s Legacy Serie TV

The TV show of Gappo’s Legacy is the nucleus of this entire sci-fi franchise, which presents a story of coexistence between species, with multiple characters and plot lines, in a land of desert, machines, and corrupted human beings. Both the comic books and video games that eventually come out derive in one form or another from the television fiction, which will be a one-hour drama with strong doses of action in around five to six seasons. For more information about the Gappo’s Legacy TV show, please contact or subscribe to our newsletter.

Welcome to the MRA

Available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift starting August.