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The TV show of Gappo’s Legacy is the nucleus of this entire sci-fi franchise, which presents a story of coexistence between species, with multiple characters and plot lines, in a land of desert, machines, and corrupted human beings. Both the comic books and video games that eventually come out derive in one form or another from the television fiction, which will be a one-hour drama with strong doses of action in around five to six seasons.

The pilot and bible of the show are currently in development by producer, screenwriter, and director Demian Sabini and, when ready, Moviement Films will seek other potential production partners and present the project to international broadcast and VOD platforms. For more information about the Gappo’s Legacy TV show, please contact


The first season of Gappo’s Legacy kicks off with four main protagonists; one of them being Cornelia, whose story will pick up from the end of the first comic book volume. The other three main characters are: John Laxlow, Captain of the Global Corp Rangers in charge of Kafke border control, Nola Ravitz, a young girl recently arrived in Kafke with an important and secret mission to aid the resurging MRA, and Miles, a mysterious makina with a dark past.

The storyline will take us through the reemergence of the Makina Resistance Army to fight for freedom of the entire makina species against the pirates’ tyranny and the Global Corporation corrupted ways, which have kept the makinæ in slavery in their own promised land of Kafke, a desert strip located somewhere in deep Africa.



The fact that this is a transmedia project from the start, with a tight collaboration between Demian Sabini and Guillem Escriche, has made that content development and art design go hand in hand from the beginning. We could say that one thinks it and the other draws it. Here are some early sketches and concept arts of several characters in the franchise.