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“This is a high energy ‘shield shoot’ were you punch nearby robots, block lasers, and shoot distant robots. Having to match weapons to the enemies adds a nice amount of tension. The enemies, weapons, world, and effects all look great! There’s just enough story with good voice acting to keep things interesting.

Performance gets choppy at times and sometimes the difficulty seems a little too high. Failing a mission means that you hear the same dialog multiple times. Despite these gripes, this is one of the better wave shooters out there, well paced and well designed.”


Jeep Barnett alias PersonGuy

Programmer at Valve

“Despite adopting a time-worn genre for VR, Gappo’s Legacy is showing some promise as a creative wave-based shooter.

Gappo’s Legacy is showing the foundation for an enticing shooter”
Great: 3,5/5

Matt Brown

VR Heads

Odysseus was born as a start up virtual reality company to create the game Gappo’s Legacy VR, a shooter-punch with heavy action, high quality graphics and entertaining mechanics where the player must shoot, hit, throw, dodge, and cover with good aim and reflexes to obtain the highest score.

The game is in financing and development stage for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR platforms.


In a future time where an entire species of conscious machines, the makinæ, lives subdued by technological pirates, we have enlisted in the MRA or Makina Resistance Army, whose purpose is the makina liberation of the pirate tyranny to regain control of Kafke, the land promised to them more than a century ago. Sub-Commander Cornelia, in charge of our recruitment, will guide us by radio in the trial where we must shoot down pirate drones of the Tekno Klan.

BUT WATCH OUT! Gappo’s Legacy VR is not a game with a story. It is a light introduction to this universe through the immense power of immersion of virtual reality. This first VR game episode promises action and adrenaline, but there will be more. There is prospect of a second episode of Gappo’s Legacy VR with history, a walkable world, interaction with characters from the comic and the tv fictions, more narrative and secrets to unveil … but for this we must first pass the access trial to the MRA in this first installment. To learn more about Sub-Commander Cornelia and the origins of the MRA, get the first episode of the comic book, entitled Cornelia.


The growing concern of mankind for the patent superiority of the makina species led Dr. Gappo to design the gappos, named after his discoverer, to equate human abilities with those of the makinæ. Gappos are applications that modify human genetics in real time to provide all kinds of abilities.

Steel Hand

Steel Hand. Attack gappo that turns our human hands into hands of steel endowed with incredible strength.


Blaster. Attack gappo that transforms our hands into a weapon that fires long range laser beams. Also ideal for short range enemies, except in Survival Pro and Survival Extreme gameplay modes, where the blast produced by hitting nearby Kamikaze Drones can harm us.


Shield. Defense gappo with which we can defend from Kamikaze drone explosions, repel laser shots or protect from missiles.

Bullet Time

Bullet Time. Special gappo that gives us ultra-speed, which means that everything around us moves in slow motion. It allows us to annihilate numerous hordes of enemies or catch missiles on the fly, but its use is limited so we must choose well when to use it. This gappo is acquired only after accomplishing Survival mode.


The staunch enemies of the makinæ are the different pirate klans who inhabit the Kafke strip and that send their lethal drones before attacking in person. This first episode introduces Tekno Klan drones that the MRA has managed to capture after successive attacks, hacking and using them for their own benefit, as are these recruiting trials.

Spike Drone

It is the only harmless drone, but its mission is to collect data and its presence ensures the early arrival of other lethal drones.

Kamikaze Drone

It is the only short range drone. It either approaches us like a flying grenade or launches directly against us. We can strike them with our steel fists or grab them and throw them at other enemy drones.

Laser Dron

With a design and shooting mechanics inspired by the Death Star, it will fire a laser that we can either dodge or repel with the shield to be able to damage other drones.

Missile Drone

As its name indicates, it launches powerful missiles that we must either dodge or stop with the shield. Making use of the Bullet Time gappo, we shall be able to catch them in flight and redirect them against other enemies.